Franken Architekten

mr Bernhard Franken


  1. Sao Mai Residence

    Type: Residential. Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Dimension: 11.000 m². A 16-story residential high-rise with mixed usage is being built in Ho Chi Minh City in the emergent south of Vietnam. The façade is parametrically controlled and arranges the variably sized windows across overlapping gradients. Sliding sun protection elements reinforce this effect; they both adorn the façade and protect it from the tropical sun. The pile driving and foundation work have been completed, and work has already begun on the basement story. Following the successful sale of the apartments the four-story model house will be transformed into an apartment building.

  2. U-Silk City

    Type: Urban Design. Location: Hanoi, Vietnam. Dimension: 720.000 m².“U-Silk City”, the 12-hectare urban expansion in the south of the Vietnamese capital Hanoi is the largest project under construction in Vietnam and comprises nine up-market 28-50-storey residential highrises and a wide range of public leisure and shopping facilities in the interlinking, greened pedestal storey. The building depths stipulated in the existing master plan, which Franken Architekten is to optimize, is diveded up by voids, producing increased surface area, more light for the space inside, and an excellent microclimate. The voids are positioned in a parametrically generated rhythmic structure, this becoming “dancing voids”. Each of the residential highrises has its own rhythmic structure, such that a composition of nine similar yet nonetheless unique buildings emerges with additional areas that will be used as „sky gardens“, referencing architectural utopias of the vertical city.Thge residential towers are characterized by the interplay between filled and empty volumes, which continues in the intricate roof landscape with luxurious penthouse apartments. The facade texture, which are irregular in their rhythm and oscillate in gentle colors and, just like the corrugated folds of the planned landscape architecture, trigger an association with silk, one of Hanoi’s traditional products.

  3. U-Sea City

    Type: Urban Design. Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam. Dimension: 238.000 m².“U-Sea City” is a district near the center of the coastal city of Nha Trang. The plot, between the river delta and the sea, is cut through by a meandering network of development, reminiscent of a river course branching out. There are hotel, apartments and an exclusive residential area embedded in-between. As on built-up islands, green elevated levels offer space for shops, restaurants, bars and cafés.

  4. Open Wall

    Type: Industrial Building. Location: Foshan, China. Dimension: 28.400m². IDEAL is a shower seperation manufacturer based in Foshan in China.The design for the IDEAL headquarters includes a production facility, in addition to quality control, a representative administration building, a cafeteria building for 500 employees, various facilities for sport and social activities, a kindergarten and an eleven-story apartment complex with 262 residential units for employees. Part of the design is the integration of an existing production facility in the overall design of the new building. The plan provides an integrated facade system that encloses the entire complex and creates a characteristic identity. It is composed of brick-element panels that follow a parametric pattern. This creates on the overall handling of the facade a gradual transition of the graininess from closed to open states. The social components of the complex are coverd by a protective roofstructure that is permeated by a system of green spaces and water, providing a high quality of stay.