KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten International

Herr Thomas Busse


  1. National Library of China, Beijing

    The National Library of China in Beijing is the world’s third largest library and has room for 12 million books. The individual sections of the building combine tradition with innovation. A pedestal building housing the collection of historical written documents, the “Siku Quanshu” (Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature) , forms the base of the new 27-meter-high library. The glass section between the pedestal and the roof stands for the present and the passing on of the historical legacy. The library is crowned by a hovering roof structure, which houses the large reading room with approx. 2,000 seats and the digital library.

    Öffentliche und private Verwaltungsgebäude
  2. Jiangsu Province Art Museum, Nanjing

    Located in the cultural center of Nanjing, the new Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum is one of the most important exhibition buildings in southeast China. The two intertwined edifices create an interstice which ,as the entrance hall is publicly accessible and, between towering natural stone walls, is lit solely from above. The for the most part sealed travertine stone facade with slender, vertical window slits emphasizes the overall monolithic impression the exhibition building makes.

  3. Tianjin Sports Arena, Tianjin

    Tianjin Sports Arena is a venue for university and national sporting events and has room for approx. 5,000 spectators. The 120-meter long and 58-meter wide building is located in the northeast of Tianjin University campus. It stands out in particular for its translucent gold-colored sheath of perforated, diamond-shaped steel panels, and its dynamic, asymmetrical shape.

    Sportbauten Spiel
  4. Art Museum, Tianjin

    The new Art Museum forms part of the urban development project for a 90-hectare cultural and recreational site in Tianjin, China. The gallery has space for temporary exhibitions and rooms for four permanent exhibitions, namely on Chinese calligraphy, Western art, sculpture, and Modern art. The front of the stone cube with precise indentations and main entrance opens on to the nearby lake. This way, natural and cultural space unite to create an overall experience.