Wortmann Architects

mrs Susanne Schaefer


  1. Back to Origins

    Finding its inspiration in Gaudi’s maxim “originality is to be found in returning to the origin”, the Wortmann office proposal was selected as the winning entry in a competition sponsored by a private promoter to create a four star hotel. The proposal pays homage to Gaudi through a construction design finding its inspiration in the interior of the towers of the Sagrada Familia.The proposed building, located on Calle Rosellón, will allow access to a newly created public square to the rear of the hotel, a revival of the Eixample interior gardened patio. Included in the proposal are plans for bedrooms, suites, meeting rooms and spectacular views of the Sagrada Familia from the roof top where a swimming pool and solarium are also planned.The façade is influenced by the characteristic bay windows of Barcelona’s Eixample and through the inclusion of naturalistic geometric forms seeks to express a sense of organic harmony.The most emblematic element of the project, an interior illumination well of eight floors, channels the entering light through coloured glass to produce kaleidoscopic contrasts between light, shade and colour. The open patio, designed on bioclimatic principles, plays with the natural airflows to create optimum conditions according to the seasons. In summer, the inflow of air from the exterior square is harnessed to create a cool interior; in autumn and spring, natural ventilation is utilised; in winter, an intelligent system regulates the access of air through skylights, pushing a flow of warm air to the ground floor of the hotel.Sensuality, spaciousness, versatility and transparency will afford this business and tourist hotel a modern interpretation of luxury and comfort.

  2. Due Diligence Commercial

    Commissioned by WestInvest, the German investment fund recently integrated in Deka Immobilien GmbH, the Wortmann office evaluated the technical and commercial viability of the Espacio Mediterráneo Shopping Centre to be developed and promoted by AM Multi D

  3. Muntaner

    It is a apartment building consisting of two parts built as a tower at both ends of the site (the one in the Calle de Muntaner from ground floor to the 5th floor and the another one in the Calle de Camp from ground floor to the 2nd floor) and adjacent to

  4. Schmidt Ibérica

    Located in Constantí, the extensive plot comprises an industrial plant, an office block, warehouses, silos and several washing lanes for cistern transport. The whole site achieves an exemplary level of functional efficiency as well as serving as a benc